For the ultimate secured gaming experience, nothing beats BitDefender’s GameSafe! It defends your PC from viruses, spyware and rootkits without affecting “in-game” responsiveness – due to its minimal impact on processing power, memory and virtual memory. When activated, GameSafe will postpone all updates, as well as block alerts and pop-ups, so that you will never be interrupted during game play. In addition, its firewall protects your Wi-Fi connection from unauthorized access.


My new blog



Ok, let’s make a start.I want to share her all my thoughts about working on line.Everything that you can imagine.All this my experience, all these yeas that i work from home, or from my office.I want to share it.

It is a lot of things that i found during this my “long way”.Things that i “dropped”, things that i kept.

I shall show you what you can do to earn from home.Is that difficult?Yes, it is, Internet is not yet a “safe world”, but it is a “huge world”.You can find opportunities, but you can find trash too.

It depends on you how to use all this.You need time, knowledge, you need to get the right informations in the right time.

I hope i can help you.I hope we can help each other. In these difficult days that we live only cooperation can give us results.Let’s coo, let’s make the difference.